Sell On Facebook



Do you have a facebook fan page and want to take advanage of your audience with a Facebook Store?  With this add on feature you can sell your products right on facebook.








Features Include

- 3 new layouts (Facebook Store - Home, Facebook Store - Product, Facebook Store - Search )
- special countdown
- checkout
- facebook comments (+moderation)
- email motification (comment added) + facebook notification
- user registration
- Facebook LiveStream
- Product Page which includes details about your products attributes, related products, images, etc.
- all payment methods are supported by your online store
- Facebook Likes and Shares on product page

In order to sell products on facebook and for it to work with your drop ship vendors you need to be an authorized dealer of RSR Group or AcuSport . Please contact us to add other drop ship vendors.  You will also need a  website account that is hosted with us or one that we are going to create for you. 



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